We're a 501(3)(c) public nonprofit charity.

We believe that access to tools and workspace is an essential part of building a resilient community.

We never want financial barriers to prevent access to tools. We readily offer scholarships and financial aid to ensure the entire Flagstaff community can join our space.

We're a lean non-profit, and operate entirely on a volunteer basis. That means our president, board members, officers, organizers, and members all volunteer their time to make Coco-Op thrive. Even this website was built by a volunteer! This allows us to keep our membership rates affordable to the entire Flagstaff community. Whether you're giving tools, financial support, or volunteer time, your donation is helping keep our gears turning. Thanks!

Coco-Op uses your financial donations to cover the costs of materials, equipment, operations and education for our community in Flagstaff.

Follow this link to fill in the amount you'd like to give. Want to meet with us first, or give via cash or check? Let us know via email at team@cocoop.org.

Tool Donations

Tools are at the heart of what we do! Due to space limitations, we cannot accept all tool donations. If you would like to donate a physical item, tools, electronics, or raw materials, please contact us via email at team@cocoop.org to see if your donation is a fit.

We offer receipts for donated items, and all donations are tax deductible.


Coco-Op relies on its members and volunteers to keep the wheels turning. Have a skill or talent that you think would be helpful around the space? Contact a shop captain or email us at team@cocoop.org to get started!

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