Become a Member


In order to submit your paperwork, you must attend an orientation. At the orientation, we will review rules and policies, help you submit your paperwork, and you will receive a key fob that grants you access to specific machinery, as well as 24/7 access to the MakerSpace. Due to the nature of the space, you must attend a new member orientation. You can sign up for an orientation by emailing You can stop by for an orientation without scheduling in advance during our Open House (Sundays from 2-4) or at our Member Meetup (Tuesdays at 7).


Before attending your orientation, review the Coco-op Membership Agreement. We'll ask you to sign this during your orientation.

If you are signing up for a Family or Corporate membership, EACH person included in that group must fill out their own membership agreement. See more about membership types below.


You must submit your first dues payment before your membership begins, or the day your membership begins. You can choose the relevant payment option from the sidebar below, or we can help you get set up with recurring membership payments during your orientation.


Once you've taken care of those two steps, you are officially a Coco-op member! You can use the space 24x7, take classes, and get involved to your heart's content. Welcome!

What's Next?

You'll need specific training in order to use some machinery and equipment. Required trainings can be provided upon request. Additionally, stay tuned for class and course offerings. Stay connected with the community by joining our Slack workspace.

Available Memberships

Individual Membership - $50 per month

  • Standard (and most popular) membership type

Family Membership - $75 per month

  • For you and up to 4 other members of your family​

Corporate Membership - $100 per month

  • For you and up to 4 other members of your organization

  • Ideal for startups

We welcome all members of the Flagstaff community. If membership fees present a financial barrier to you or your family, please contact our outreach team at via

Payment Options


Bill Pay

To pay your dues via your bank’s bill payment system, send payments to:


1155 W. Kaibab Lane

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

(928) 351-7071

Benefits of Membership

All member dues and workshop proceeds go directly to funding Coco-op, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. These funds are used for paying instructors, purchasing workshop materials and maintaining the operation, upkeep and improvement of the space itself.

Membership Benefits

  • Vote for members of the board and on important organizational matters.

  • Full 24 /7 access to the space, including access to all tools and materials. Some tools require an initial orientation class.

  • Access to free or significantly discounted classes and workshops. Most workshops have a suggested donation and a ‘pay what you can’ philosophy.

  • Reserve space for your own groups and activities.

  • Access other knowledgeable and curious members of the organization

  • Be part of a vibrant creative community and have fun!


Email us at, or complete the form below and we'll happily get in touch: